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Newsletter Fall 2013

Dear Customers,
I hope this emailed newsletter finds each of you safe and sound in your respective locations. This quarter's newsletter brings you information about the positive changes at Texas Pacifico, including the arrival of our new Vice President of Operations, Jorge Gonzalez.
Track rehabilitation work continues and Executive Vice President Federico Diaz addresses the status of those projects below. In addition to track rehab, we have run the Sperry Car with great success. That is a very interesting vehicle, a bright yellow Mercedes, that provided us with valuable information of the condition of our track.
Last week, TXPF president and General Manager Hilario Gabilondo was in Texas, and joined us in Austin to meet with TxDOT's new Rail Director Erik Steavens. Erik has joined TxDOT from the Georgia DOT. The focus of our meeting was to discuss future investment in the rail line along with the reconstruction of the international rail bridge at Presidio/Ojinaga. TxDOT is designing the new bridge and coordinating their efforts with the Army Corps of Engineers. No construction date has been determined, but we will keep you posted on the construction commencement and eventual reopening date.
Our 382 mile rail line requires constant improvement, both in track condition and operations. In order to make sure that we are meeting your needs, it is always helpful to hear from you. To that end, I will be sending you a customer survey in January, and I ask that you take the time to let us hear your thoughts as to how we can better serve you.
In the meantime, please contact me if I can ever be of assistance. If I don't hear from you before then, have a safe and happy holiday season!
Liz Miller Grindstaff
VP Sales & Marketing, Texas Pacifico

Welcome Jorge Gonzalez! VP of Operations

Jorge Gonzalez

TXPF is proud to announce the new VP of Operations Jorge Gonzalez. Jorge comes to us from beautiful Guadalajara, where he has been working with Ferromex as Subdirector of Operations, the class 1 sister to TXPF in northern and central Mexico. Jorge has 16 years of professional railroad experience, and although he arrived only weeks ago, he has quickly become educated in the workings of TXPF.

We Spell Safety "S-P-E-R-R-Y"


The first non-destructive method of detecting internal life-threatening defects in rail was initiated in 1928 by Dr. Elmer Sperry.
His invention saved countless lives, and Dr. Sperry is considered "the" authority on rail testing.
On September 4, 2013, Texas Pacifico Transportation employed this technology, running a Sperry vehicle along our rails to detect flaws such as reverse detail fractures and transverse defects, to better enable us to identify existing problem areas.
Repair work to damaged rail is currently underway, enabling us to provide a safer and more reliable environment for our employees, our clients, and their product.

Rehabilitation Project Update

Our last newsletter brought you information regarding the status of our Rehabilitation Projects. At this time, we are pleased to tell you that many of those projects are complete, and we are moving forward with new improvement projects.
Due to our ongoing efforts to continue providing quality service to our clients, we are delighted to tell you briefly about the projects we have coming up. Projects will include the extension of three tracks with a total length of 6,161 feet in the San Angelo Yard to increase capacity, switching capability, and allow for the receiving and/or dispatching unit of trains. In addition, we have a joint elimination program (56 joints underway), and periodic maintenance welding of railroad tracks to prevent deterioration.
For more information on these projects and more, please continue reading the following letter from our Executive Vice President, Mr. Federico Diaz.

A Letter From Our Executive Vice President

This year we had 7 major projects to improve the capacity of our facilities and the safety of our operating people. All the profits we will make in 2013 will be reinvested in our infrastructure.

  1. We rehabilitated the track between Barnhart and Fort Stockton replacing nearly 10,000 ties, added and distributed nearly 4,000 tons of ballast, raised, tamped, lined and leveled 40 miles of track and 11 turnouts. (100% finished)
  2. Also 46 bridges between San Angelo and Fort Stockton were rehabilitated replacing 126 post piles in 81 bridge bents, replacing 22 stringers, repairing 14 ballast leaks, 14 bulkheads, and 16 frame bents, 3 walkways and handrails, 2 sills, 1 scour protection, 19 shims replaced, 7 chord bolts and 122 bolts replaced. (100% finished)
  3. We added 7,800 foot of track extension in the interchange tracks at San Angelo Jct. (100% finished)
  4. 17,458 foot of rail were relayed and 2,046 track feet of fouled ballast were repaired including new ballast distribution as required, tamping, raising, lining and surfacing of the track. (95% finished)
  5. New meet siding at Barnhart with 7,100 foot of brand new track with 115# rail. (90% finished)
  6. We extended three tracks in the San Angelo yard for a total addition of 6,200 foot of new track, and finally, (40% finished)
  7. We are building and improving the mechanical and supply facilities at the yard in San Angelo, a locomotive inspection pit, a containment wall for oil spillages, a new building to store locomotive spare parts, tooling, rest rooms, etc. as well as storage area for our MOW group, the existing canopy will be extended to completely cover the pit and a semi-permanent roof will be installed to prevent rail water from entering into the oil and water separator. Illumination in the yard was installed earlier in the year and we expect as well to install a couple of light poles in San Angelo Jct. before the year ends. (10% finished)

As we get closer to the year-end, we are working on the budget for next year and we expect a growth over 50% compared to this year's volumes. Budgeting is not an easy task, considering the energy industry trends are uncertain, to say the least. We know the Permian Basin will always be a major player in the crude oil markets. However the hard part is to determine when and for how long we will be on the bench, and when and for how long we will be at the batting plate.

Thank You,
Federico Diaz
Executive Vice President, Texas Pacifico Transportation

TXPF Receives Jake Award for 2012

The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association joined with its Safety & Training Committee members and their Safety Program Sponsors and presented Texas Pacifico Transportation with its 2012 Jake with Distinction Safety Award, in recognition of our outstanding safety record. Texas Pacifico received the same award for 2011, and we are proud of our safety record and the commitment by our crews to safety as shown.
Find out more about the prestigious Jake With Distinction Safety Award at this website: Jake Award.